For a business owner who wants to advance in e-commerce, there are many suggestions from developers. However, our Ukrainian CMS has plenty of differences from other systems. We created Mercurio CMS specifically for online stores and marketplaces. This is a specialized solution from our developers with technical support and warranty.

The developer of 1C-Bitrix is a Russian company. You need to choose one of the developers on the platform and work with it. This is not a ready-made solution, but a blank for future configuration and installation of modules. Developers may have different competencies, offer their own vision and different prices. The 1C-Bitrix license is valid for one year, and then you have to pay for it again. Looking all this time for contractors to maintain the online store.

When you purchase a license for Mercurio CMS, you immediately receive a ready-made solution, support and security guarantee. The updates are added for free. As long as someone is looking for a developer and setting up hosting, you will already be making money on sales.

General comparison

Mercurio CMS

Mercurio CMS is a complete solution that includes a ready-to-use online store and a management system based on modern technologies.

Our team of developers provides technical support, protection, and a guarantee of stable operation.

CMS updates are released almost weekly, and their system owners receive them for free. All new features are synchronized with the system.


1C-Bitrix is a website and online store management system. This solution is not ready to work immediately, you need to find a contractor who will install everything you need.

It is necessary not only to buy a license, but also to find specialists, choose hosting, configure the system, provide technical support.

You will have to pay extra for the renewal of the license every time, you do not become a full-fledged owner of the online store.

1C Sync: Myth or True? 

1C-Bitrix states that 1C integration in the system is immediate. In fact, the system needs refinement, adjustment by a specialist, and this is also an additional cost. 1C is an accounting system that is in the basic version in both 1C-Bitrix and Mercurio CMS. No matter how much you want to believe that 1C will be the same for all e-commerce projects, it is impossible. You still need to adapt either 1C or CMS.

Capabilities for growth

Mercurio CMS

You will get a ready online store with no limitations in development 

  • The online store on Mercurio CMS has all the necessary out-of-the-box features for online sales.

  • The ability to modify a block for your needs or expand the online store is laid immediately. This can be done with our team or your developers. We provide complete documentation, and specialists familiar with Laravel can easily work with the system.


Capabilities are limited by system modules

  • Your online store will be limited by system functionality and available integrations. You can't refine something on your own.

  • When your business expands, or you want to implement new features, you will need to order an expensive custom development and start over.


Mercurio CMS

The use of reliable frameworks provides protection from cyberattacks

The system is constantly audited and tested, so we can guarantee protection against hacks and attacks. Websites of banks and government agencies are already working on our system.


Without guarantees of effective work

Security depends not only on the CMS, but also on hosting, settings, developer work and providing the website support yourself or again with a contractor.


Mercurio CMS

We provide technical support.

With our technical support, the online store receives a lifetime warranty. We use servers from the German company Hetzner, which are among the best in the world.


You need to look for developers separately.

On the website, the company offers a choice of 14,000 contractors. Of course, it is difficult to choose from such a number, and it is not clear whether you will get a high-quality solution.


Mercurio CMS

It will work fast thanks to a well-thought-out architecture

The online store loads in 1.1 seconds, even with load of millions of visits. Product filters, numerous pages, new blocks will not reduce the speed.


It depends on many factors

If you install too many modules or choose the wrong hosting, the online store may be slow. For e-commerce, this is a loss of money and customers, because there is a lot of competition on the Internet between similar websites.

Comparison table



A team of developers is working on the project

You get a ready-made platform for e-commerce without refinements

You have to pay extra for renewing your license every year

Free updates with technical support

Opportunities for the e-commerce market in Ukraine are available

You can search for an e-commerce platform for a long time, try free platforms, compare, learn video tutorials on different CMS. Or you can just select Mercurio CMS, provide content for the website and start selling within a week. You don't have to look for developers, like with 1C-Bitrix, go through template modules and worry about which features you need and which you don't. With us, the online store is completely ready to work.

Want to get a professional solution for an online store? Then don't wait, start selling online with Mercurio CMS!

Support and security

Experience in the field since 2003 Experience in the field since 2003
Secure HTTPS connection Secure HTTPS connection
Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015) Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015)
Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017) Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017)
Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1) Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1)
Storage in Amazon or Hetzner Storage in Amazon or Hetzner
We use <span> advanced technologies </span> for development

We use advanced technologies for development

CMS Mercurio combines the advantages of the world's most popular technologies: Laravel 8+, Vue.js 2+, Elasticsearch 7 . This makes the online store stable and secure.

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We guarantee <span> support and security </span> of the project

We guarantee support and security of the project

CMS Mercurio tested the security services of the state and the banking sector. The system and its basic modules are developed exclusively by our team, which has been in IT for over 18 years.

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No development <span>restrictions</span>

No development restrictions

You have the ability to independently develop the system in any direction with your own development team. There are absolutely no restrictions on the technology used.

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Possible to move <span> from other CMS </span>

Possible to move from other CMS

We can transfer your old store to a new management system. All data will be saved, and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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It is possible to transfer from other CMS

Your old store can be transferred to the new management system. All data will be saved, and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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solution suitable for you


Basic solution with full control over the efficiency of your project. Hosted on Hetzner or Amazon servers

$ 1,000 + $ 50/months

Purchase of the system on our hosting = $ 1000 one-time payment and then subscription fee for hosting, ensuring the operability and support of all updates = $ 50 per month
To order


Dedicated solution that we install on the Client's server or on our recommended hosting.

$ 2,000 + $ 20/months

Purchase a system with us installed on your hosting = $ 2000 one-time payment and then optionally purchase support for all updates $ 20 per month
To order



The individual decision is focused on the needs and requirements of the Client. Full integration into business processes.

$ Individually

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Our reviews
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I had a good experience developing an online store for us as clothing manufacturers. The team recommended to start the basic version of the online store at the beginning, and then, after the project starts to earn, to implement all sorts of chips that I wanted. I agreed and did not regret it. I am still developing my project. Everything suits. I recommend.

Andrew, Top Hat Factory


To create the site of the publishing house "White Owl", I turned to the Mercurio CMS team, as I had worked with them before and knew that if they do - everything will be ok. This time I had time and budget constraints, and the guys for a month without pain and difficulty made us a good working site that closes all the tasks we need. Also, what is important for me personally, it is easy and interesting to work with people in this company.

Christina, publishing house "White Owl"


I have been working with this company for a long time. He has done many different projects in the field of e-commerce and online sales. We have worked for a long time, everyone is comfortable, we understand each other without unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. I can advise without a doubt.

Igor, online store Bamboo


Working with the team's specialists is quite satisfactory. Everything is realized very quickly and all my wishes and ideas are understood without long explanations. I have a lot of developments in the project for my specific processes and needs.

Vyacheslav, Konus-Yu printing house