The main difference of our Mercurio CMS is its capability to expand and customize the solutions without restrictions. We developed the system on modern frameworks, so you can scale it as much as you need. You can first develop a small online store, and eventually develop your business on the same CMS to the marketplace, like Rozetka or Allo.

Shopify is a SaaS platform (software as a service). You are provided with software as a service. You need to pay a monthly subscription fee and use a set of features provided by the e-commerce platform. Furthermore, you can't refine something here on your own. SaaS solutions still won't allow you to become a full owner, and you can lose your online store. 

General comparison

Mercurio CMS

Mercurio CMS is a complete solution for e-commerce, consisting of a ready-made online store and management system.

You will become a full owner of CMS. The online store will not disappear anywhere, you get an operation guarantee from us. You can develop the system with our team or on your own.


Shopify is a SaaS e-commerce solution with a particular set of features. To get started, you have to install and configure the modules, this is not a ready-made solution.

With this platform, you rent a space for your online store, can't take away, transfer or refine the website. The drawback of Shopify is that your online store can be blocked without any explanations.


Mercurio CMS

CMS can be developed without restrictions

  • We do not close CMS from independent development. You can refine a new block, integration with a service or design with our team or independently.

  •  At the start of work we adapt the color scheme, fonts for your needs. We configure all integrations and services. The CMS is built right away with customization, so you can add any feature. 

  • No restrictions for products quantity.


The system can't be refined

  • You will have a limited set of functions, that can't be modified. To configure and finalize everything, you have to look for the templates, select an appropriate tariff.
  • You can't create a template for yourself and have to select from the available ones in the system. The number and variety of features depend on the selected tariff.
  • There is a limit for products quantity

Which market is the e-commerce platform targeting?

Mercurio CMS

Online store is ready to work on the Ukrainian market

  • You can immediately add versions in Ukrainian, Russian, English and 13 other languages.
  • Integration with Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, popular payment services in Ukraine are available straight away. 
  • Products can be additionally placed on Ukrainian marketplaces Rozetka, Prom, Hotline, Epicenter, Hello,


Created for the western market, it is difficult to set up for e-commerce in Ukraine

  • There are language restrictions. You need to create the Ukrainian  version of website yourself and pay extra.
  • Plugins must be purchased to integrate with Ukrainian delivery and payment services. 
  • Unable to upload the products to Ukrainian marketplaces.


Mercurio CMS

You can stay on support or refuse

  • You can select the tariff you want. Cloud provides our technical support, otherwise it is not compulsory. You can place an online store on our servers or yours
  •  If you select our technical support, you will receive a lifetime warranty. Even if you missed the payment, all your data will be stored "frozen" for another six months. 
  • Our managers are always in touch when needed. You will receive answers to your questions in Ukrainian, Russian or English.


Only with technical support and subscription fee

  • Because Shopify is a SaaS solution, a monthly subscription fee is required. You can use it only with the support and hosting of the company.
  •  If you do not pay the subscription fee, your online store will disappear with all the data. It is impossible to take it away. In addition, Shopify can block your online store at any time without explanation. 
  • There is no support in Ukrainian, only in English, which can be inconvenient.

Operation speed of the online store

Mercurio CMS

Quick operation at heavy loads

  • The website loads in 1.1seconds, with millions of visitors per day. We use different servers to balance the load. You won't even notice that the CMS was running at peak loads because the speed doesn't change.


There are no guarantees of high speed

  • Speed depends on the quality of modules used. Modules with clean code and error-free work faster. But even so, the more modules you install, the slower will be the operation.

Capabilities for development

Mercurio CMS

You can develop the CMS in any direction

Your e-commerce platform is ready for development in any direction. You can change the design, add any integrations or new blocks. Even create a new solution that has never been on the market.

  •  You can change the server platform

  •  You can refine any function.

  •  There are no restrictions on the quantity of products. 


The platform has restrictions

New modules have to be purchased, synchronized with each other. Very few specialists work from scratch, and it is expensive.

  • Different tariffs have restrictions on the quantity of products and capabilities. 

  • The online store can't be moved to another hosting.

SEO promotion and online advertising

Mercurio CMS

SEO can be configured as required

Feeds can be customized for different industries. It's easy to promote your online store on Google.


Template Restrictions

You can only use templates available in the system. Feeds cannot be configured.


Mercurio CMS

Ready online store at any of the tariffs

  • You immediately get a ready e-commerce platform. You need to pay a license of $1000 and start using it.

  • Our developers will help you to load the primary content, adapt the design for your company, connect and configure all integrations with payment, delivery and 1C services. 

  • All features of CMS are available at any tariff, updates are free and synchronized with the system.

  • There are no hidden fees. 


Access to the system's features depends on the cost

  • After paying the tariff, you still have to "assemble" your future online store, select modules and configure them yourself.

  • Since this is a SaaS platform, a subscription fee is required. The higher the subscription fee, the more features you get. But additional modules are still paid separately. 

  • The work for the platform configuration is paid separately, you need to find a specialist.

  • In addition to the monthly payment, the fee is charged for payments made on the website:$300 + 2% of purchases, $79 +1 % of purchases, $300 + 0.5% of purchases. 

Can the system block your store?

Mercurio CMS

The online store fate is only in your hands

You become a full owner of the CMS. All data is securely protected. If you select our technical support, we provide a lifetime warranty.

The online store and your data will be stored for six months, even if you stop paying. You can even develop your own CMS and provide technical support. 


The system can block the access without reason

Shopify is eligible to block your online store for violating the rules of service usage of or for the potential risks.

If the system considers your store to look suspicious, it might be blocked with no warning. Your data will be lost, while you can't download your online store in process.

Comparison table



You can develop the system in any direction

Integrations with Ukrainian services and marketplaces are available

There are hidden fees from every purchase you make

The online store is easy to promote

The company may block your website without warning and without reason

The best solution for e-commerce in Ukraine is that one, which immediately includes all the necessary integrations and created for Ukrainian market. That's how we came up with the Mercurio CMS. In addition, our CMS is open to development with our developers or on their own. An online store can be "grown" to a marketplace gradually.

Another important difference between Mercurio CMS and Shopify is the lack of hidden fees. Regardless of the number of products and sales, you will not pay extra for your activities to the system. The CMS will pay for itself faster than Shopify and will not require any tweaks or tweaks.

We have a long-term development plan for Mercurio CMS with many new features. Over time, we plan to bring the system to the international level. Now we want to develop online stores for Ukrainian businesses. Convenient, fast, without a plenty of obscure modules and with reliable technologies. Want to create your own online store for e-commerce in Ukraine? Then contact Mercurio CMS!

Support and security

Experience in the field since 2003 Experience in the field since 2003
Secure HTTPS connection Secure HTTPS connection
Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015) Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015)
Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017) Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017)
Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1) Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1)
Storage in Amazon or Hetzner Storage in Amazon or Hetzner
We use <span> advanced technologies </span> for development

We use advanced technologies for development

CMS Mercurio combines the advantages of the world's most popular technologies:  Laravel 8+, Vue.js 2+, Elasticsearch 7. This makes the online store stable and secure.

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We guarantee <span> support and security </span> of the project

We guarantee support and security of the project

CMS Mercurio has been tested by the state and the banking sector security services. The system and its basic modules are developed exclusively by our team, which has been in IT for over 18 years.

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No restrictions <span> in development </span>

No restrictions in development

You have an option to independently develop the system in any direction with your own development team. There are absolutely no restrictions on the technology used.

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It is possible to move <span> from other CMS </span>

It is possible to move from other CMS

We can move your old store to a new management system. All data will be saved, and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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It is possible to move from other CMS

We can move your old store to a new management system. All data will be saved, and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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solution suitable for you


Basic solution with full control over the efficiency of your project. Hosted on Hetzner or Amazon servers

$ 1,000 + $ 50/months

Purchase of the system on our hosting = $ 1000 one-time payment and then subscription fee for hosting, ensuring the operability and support of all updates = $ 50 per month
To order


Dedicated solution that we install on the Client's server or on our recommended hosting.

$ 2,000 + $ 20/months

Purchase a system with us installed on your hosting = $ 2000 one-time payment and then optionally purchase support for all updates $ 20 per month
To order



The individual decision is focused on the needs and requirements of the Client. Full integration into business processes.

$ Individually

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Our reviews
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I had a good experience developing an online store for us as clothing manufacturers. The team recommended to start the basic version of the online store at the beginning, and then, after the project starts to earn, to implement all sorts of chips that I wanted. I agreed and did not regret it. I am still developing my project. Everything suits. I recommend.

Andrew, Top Hat Factory


To create the site of the publishing house "White Owl", I turned to the Mercurio CMS team, as I had worked with them before and knew that if they do - everything will be ok. This time I had time and budget constraints, and the guys for a month without pain and difficulty made us a good working site that closes all the tasks we need. Also, what is important for me personally, it is easy and interesting to work with people in this company.

Christina, publishing house "White Owl"


I have been working with this company for a long time. He has done many different projects in the field of e-commerce and online sales. We have worked for a long time, everyone is comfortable, we understand each other without unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. I can advise without a doubt.

Igor, online store Bamboo


Working with the team's specialists is quite satisfactory. Everything is realized very quickly and all my wishes and ideas are understood without long explanations. I have a lot of developments in the project for my specific processes and needs.

Vyacheslav, Konus-Yu printing house