The popularity among the owners of online stores and the external beauty of the templates do not guarantee the quality of the solution. Tilda is a simple website constructor, which contains the huge variety of templates with different design, but it is not suitable for creation of online store with  the big quantity of products.

Even if your website looks like Picasso's picture, it will not guarantee the sales. You can spend your money and time for a pretty design, overcomplicate it, but does not sell products afterwards. In fact, you need to organize SEO, convenient payments, high operation speed, filters of products and other essential e-commerce functions. Such website constructors as Tilda does not provide all of this, as they are designed for different needs.

Mercurio CMS is designed particularly for e-commerce. Wherein, the system is open for development in any direction, as it is built on professional frameworks and technologies. You can add an unlimited number of products and filters, implement the integrations with different services. You will get a ready-made solution with all the features, required for e-commerce in Ukraine.

General comparison

Mercurio CMS

Mercurio CMS is a complete e-commerce solution consisting of a ready-to-use online store and management system.

In CMS development we used modern technologies popular in the world: Laravel, Elasticsearch, Vue.JS. This protects the online store from burglary and attacks and has many useful features at once. 

We will help you deploy the system, add your products and content, connect and configure the integrations with services delivery and payment.


Tilda is an online constructor for creating landing pages. It works the best for landings, small pages, small websites. You can create an online store on Tilda, but it will work fine with up to 10 items.

This constructor has a limited number of features, and you can't refine anything on your own. Only selects from the templates. 

To develop, you need to find a contractor on the platform or learn on your own.

Features for an online store

Mercurio CMS

You are immediately getting access to all the features for your online store's operation.

  • You are getting the necessary functions out of the box
  • A new block or individual design can be created at will. Our CMS provides a custom development feature immediately.
  • The functions are constantly being updated, and available for the owners of Mercurio CMS without extra charge.


The functions are limited, and you can't refine something for yourself

  • You need to configure the necessary functions among the templates yourself or with the developers' help
  • You are limited to the minimal set of the e-commerce features. Tilda is developed as a design creating solution with big selection of fonts and visual.

Integration with other systems

Mercurio CMS

Integrations are immediately available, and you can add a new feature for you

  • You can sell from the first day. The integrations with payment and delivery systems popular in Ukraine and around the world, CRM and marketplaces (Prom, Rozetka, OLX and others) were implemented immediately.

  •  There is integration with TurboSMS for the client notifications via email, Viber, SMS. 


Integrations are limited and targeted to the Russian market

  • Integrations are available with payment systems and delivery services that are popular in Russia. You can't refine anything for yourself, just use the features provided by the system.

Professional management

Mercurio CMS

Convenient administration system for managers

  • With Mercurio CMS, you can easily organize efficient work for both a small online store and a mega marketplace. The system has a tree structure in which you can manage permissions for each employee.

  •  The manager sees all orders, can quickly process, change statuses, make changes, print orders. Thanks to the Chekbox function, you can also generate a check online! 

  • You will be able to track the origin of the order thanks to UTM tags. Here's how to identify effective advertising channels.


Emphasis on appearance, not sales-useful features

  • The content of the online store is very "poor" as opposed to "rich" design. There are no permissions, no ability to make changes, generate checks or track orders.

New blocks creation

Mercurio CMS

Add landing pages quickly and easily

In our CMS, you can quickly create a landing page that matches your online store design. This is a great solution for basic tasks. You can create a new page quickly, and you don't need to look for a developer.


Extensive functionality for small websites' creation.

Tilda is the websites' constructor, where you can only use the provided templates.

There is a huge elements' selection for designers. Here you can play with fonts, colors and illustrations for a long time. This is also a drawback, as you have to search for a developer and create a solution for a long time.

Search engine optimization

Mercurio CMS

The online store is ready for promotion

We pay a particular attention for future promotion when developing an online store. You can place as many pages as you need. You can optimize product pages or create a company blog.

SEO capabilities are built-in immediately, there is an automatic generation of headlines. You can add different keywords and promote the website on Google in different languages. 


Promotion opportunities are limited

The company says that you can promote a website by selecting a sequence of blocks on the website. The number of pages is limited, so it is hardly possible to get the good SEO-indexes in Google.

Who owns the e-commerce platform?

Mercurio CMS

By purchasing a license, you become the owner of the online store

You will become a full owner and will be able to develop a CMS with us or independently in any direction. One of the tariffs allows you to place a CMS on your servers under control.

If necessary, you can even sell your online store to another owner.


Unable to download the website correctly

Only HTML, i.e. layout, can be exported. With this data, you will not be able to run the website with all the modules. The online store can only be used on the Tilda website.

Comparison table



Unlimited number of products

Profile solution for e-commerce

Extensive capabilities for design

The online store is ready for SEO-promotion

Unlimited opportunities to develop and add new features

If you are looking for online store CMS, select a professional solution. Systems and designers that are designed for other purposes will not be able to give you all the features you need for e-commerce. You should select the solution responsibly, even at the start of your business, as the poor choice might cause the sales failure. Pay attention on what is included in payment  and check if you won't have to pay extra to a developer afterwards.

Tilda is great for creating a business card, presentation, landing or website up to 10 pages, but is not suitable as a platform for e-commerce. Limitations in promotion, creation of new functions, modules, lack of opportunities to scale the project - all these disadvantages will cause many problems for the online store, and still have to turn to professional CMS developers for online stores. Although, it is better to select Mercurio CMS and start your sales in a week!

Support and security

Experience in the field since 2003 Experience in the field since 2003
Secure HTTPS connection Secure HTTPS connection
Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015) Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015)
Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017) Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017)
Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1) Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1)
Storage in Amazon or Hetzner Storage in Amazon or Hetzner
We use <span> advanced technologies </span> for development

We use advanced technologies for development

CMS Mercurio combines the advantages of the world's most popular technologies:  Laravel 8+, Vue.js 2+, Elasticsearch 7. This makes the online store stable and secure.

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We guarantee <span> support and security </span> of the project

We guarantee support and security of the project

CMS Mercurio protested the security services of the state and the banking sector. The system and its basic modules are developed exclusively by our team, which has been in IT for over 18 years.

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No restrictions <span> in development </span>

No restrictions in development

You have the capability to independently develop the system in any direction with your  development team. There are absolutely no restrictions on the technology used.

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It is possible to move <span> from other CMS </span>

It is possible to move from other CMS

We can move your old store to a new management system. All data will be saved, and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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It is possible to transfer from other CMS

Your old store can be transferred to the new management system. All data will be saved, and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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solution suitable for you


Basic solution with full control over the efficiency of your project. Hosted on Hetzner or Amazon servers

$ 1,000 + $ 50/months

Purchase of the system on our hosting = $ 1000 one-time payment and then subscription fee for hosting, ensuring the operability and support of all updates = $ 50 per month
To order


Dedicated solution that we install on the Client's server or on our recommended hosting.

$ 2,000 + $ 20/months

Purchase a system with us installed on your hosting = $ 2000 one-time payment and then optionally purchase support for all updates $ 20 per month
To order



The individual decision is focused on the needs and requirements of the Client. Full integration into business processes.

$ Individually

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Our reviews
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I had a good experience developing an online store for us as clothing manufacturers. The team recommended to start the basic version of the online store at the beginning, and then, after the project starts to earn, to implement all sorts of chips that I wanted. I agreed and did not regret it. I am still developing my project. Everything suits. I recommend.

Andrew, Top Hat Factory


To create the site of the publishing house "White Owl", I turned to the Mercurio CMS team, as I had worked with them before and knew that if they do - everything will be ok. This time I had time and budget constraints, and the guys for a month without pain and difficulty made us a good working site that closes all the tasks we need. Also, what is important for me personally, it is easy and interesting to work with people in this company.

Christina, publishing house "White Owl"


I have been working with this company for a long time. He has done many different projects in the field of e-commerce and online sales. We have worked for a long time, everyone is comfortable, we understand each other without unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. I can advise without a doubt.

Igor, online store Bamboo


Working with the team's specialists is quite satisfactory. Everything is realized very quickly and all my wishes and ideas are understood without long explanations. I have a lot of developments in the project for my specific processes and needs.

Vyacheslav, Konus-Yu printing house