Mercurio CMS is designed specifically for online stores development. You will immediately get all the necessary functions for e-commerce in Ukraine: integrations with delivery and payment services, marketplaces, 1C, analytics. Wix has a big set of templates. However, they are intended for small websites. The only pretty looking design of templates does not guarantee the sales. Furthermore, this websites' constructor has limited set of features, which might be insufficient for e-commerce.

Mercurio CMS is immediately ready for customization. Add the new functions, integrations, blocks without restrictions. An online-store can expand to a marketplace without changing the platform. Wix does not provide an option to refine something for your needs

General comparison

Mercurio CMS

Mercurio CMS is a comprehensive solution for online sales, which includes a ready-to-use online store and management system.

Our system is designed specifically for e-commerce. You will get all the features you need for sales right away without extra charge.

Our team will help you to customize the color scheme, fonts, all integrations, load primary content. We can create an absolutely new design or feature for your needs.


Wix is a constructor for creating websites based on cloud technologies.

This solution is suitable for creating pretty looking designs, there is a large selection of visual templates, but few capabilities for e-commerce.

With Wix, you will not get a ready-made online store. You need to contact a specialist designer or learn to configure and pay extra for e-commerce features.

Capabilities for growth

Mercurio CMS

All capabilities are available at once

  • All capabilities for work are already configured and connected out of the box. The online store can be extended to the marketplace and an unlimited number of products might be added.

  • The online store can be customized at any time. If you need to add a new block, you can do it with the CMS team or individually. 

  • Updates are free for Mercurio CMS owners and are added several times a month.


Large selection of designs, but few capabilities for e-commerce

  • The website should be "composed" of templates individually or with a specialist. There are hundreds of design templates, but with limited capabilities for e-commerce. This constructor is suitable for the sale of several dozen products.
  • You can only add additional design templates, but it is impossible to add payment options or integration with various services.
  • The amount of storage space depends on the tariff, which may not be enough to place all your products.

Professional system management

Mercurio CMS

Configured internal management system

  • Managers process the orders, can change their status, give a discount, work with cards, issue checks, print an order.

  • You will get detailed sales analytics, you can configure UTM tags to track orders. 

  • You can import goods in .xls format.


It is convenient to manage only a few products

  • Flexible permits for managers are not provided. Addition of the content for Wix is limited and depends on the tariff.

  • Reports are available only on the VIP package. 

  • Items must be added manually, which takes time. Unable to load database.

Creating new blocks

Mercurio CMS

Add any new block

  • Online store has the mobile version support. For us, the mobile version is no less important than the desktop, as 80% of online purchases are made from the smartphone.

  • Add new landings pages and content are simple, nothing will go on the site, and you do not need to know programming for this. We provide work documentation and video tutorials. 

  • The online store is ready for customization. You can finish the new unit with our developers or yourself. We do not close the CMS from further development.


It is impossible to refine something from scratch

  • In this constructor, the mobile version needs to be implemented separately. In this case, widgets, images, blocks may disappear or not displayed correctly.

  • If you create an online store for templates yourself, you can easily spoil the template. Then the text will be displayed above the buttons. 

  • Even in a special developer mode, there is no full access to the code, only database settings data and the option to create JS scripts.


Mercurio CMS

You can work immediately and add new features

  • Connected and configured integrations with popular delivery services: Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, Meest, Justin.
  • There are different payment options for Ukrainian customers: Liqpay, EasyPay. 
  • Configuring 1C for your business.
  • There is an integration with Bitrix24. 


Limited number of integrations

  • No integration with Nova Poshta and other popular delivery services in Ukraine.
  • No integration with 1C and external CRM, and you can't add or modify these features.

SEO-promotion of the online store

Mercurio CMS

An online store is ready for promotion on Google

  • Creating an online store begins with SEO and semantic core analysis. You can add different keywords, headlines are generated automatically.
  •  You can place any number of product or blog pages, as well as promote the website in different languages. It's easy to add options. 


There are restrictions for SEO-promotion

  • SEO must be configured on each product page. You can adjust the basic settings, but the promotion capabilities are limited.
  •  Wix is not intended for numerous product or blog pages. This is another disadvantage for SEO and organic promotion. 

Loading speed

Mercurio CMS

Works fast and stable

  • With Mercurio CMS, the number of pages and content does not affect the online store loading speed. We have prepared everything for e-commerce, so the website is ready for heavy traffic.
  •  Loading speed is 1.1 seconds, even with millions of visits per day. 


Speed depends on many parameters

  • If you add redirects through other services, it will affect the speed and data security.
  •  Wix has many features for beautiful design and animations, but content can load slowly. Speed is also reduced due to the mobile version usage, which is especially important in e-commerce. 

Can I pick up an online store?

Mercurio CMS

You are the official owner of an online store

Immediately after purchasing a license, you get the opportunity to download, change, and even sell your online store. CMS is open to further development, you can change the hosting.


Unable to download or move your online store

You will need to create an online store from scratch. You can only download HTML, which is displayed unclearly, with a bunch of additional scripts, tags and constructs. It can't be forced to work like this.

Comparison table



Everything you need for the e-commerce market in Ukraine

You can't refine something for yourself

Unlimited products quantity

Ready for SEO-promotion solution

The online store belongs to you

A high-quality solution for e-commerce in Ukraine should include all the necessary delivery services, online payment, capabililies. Mercurio CMS was created specifically for the Ukrainian market, and if necessary, any integration can be implemented or even advanced into a large marketplace. You do not have to look for third-party services and endanger the online store. You do not need to switch to a new CMS to scale your store.

Meanwhile, Wix is great for business cards, landings, presentations or the sale of dozens of products, but it has limited capabilities as an e-commerce platform. You will not be able to refine new blocks, expand solutions or promote your project effectively on search engines. All this creates additional problems and requires additional payments. In addition, you will not become the website's owner, but will simply be a user of Wix repository with a limited number of GB.

Don't bother with templates, design selection or think how to use a constructor when the business grows up. Select a specified solution for e-commerce and start selling!

Support and security

Experience in the field since 2003 Experience in the field since 2003
Secure HTTPS connection Secure HTTPS connection
Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015) Laravel framework (# 1 in the world since 2015)
Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017) Vue JS framework (# 1 in the world since 2017)
Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1) Integrated Elasticsearch (search server # 1)
Storage in Amazon or Hetzner Storage in Amazon or Hetzner
We use <span> advanced technologies </span> for development

We use advanced technologies for development

CMS Mercurio combines the advantages of the world's most popular technologies: Laravel 8+, Vue.js 2+, Elasticsearch 7 . This makes the online store stable and secure.

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We guarantee <span> support and security </span> of the project

We guarantee support and security of the project

CMS Mercurio protested the security services of the state and the banking sector. The system and its basic modules are developed exclusively by our team, which has been in IT for over 18 years.

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No restrictions <span> in development </span>

No restrictions in development

You have the ability to independently develop the system in any direction with your own development team. There are absolutely no restrictions on the technology used.

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It is possible to move <span> from other CMS </span>

It is possible to move from other CMS

We can move your old store to a new management system. All data will be saved and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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It is possible to move from other CMS

We can move your old store to a new management system. All data will be saved, and the process will be as automated and fast as possible.

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solution suitable for you


Basic solution with full control over the efficiency of your project. Hosted on Hetzner or Amazon servers

$ 1,000 + $ 50/months

Purchase of the system on our hosting = $ 1000 one-time payment and then subscription fee for hosting, ensuring the operability and support of all updates = $ 50 per month
To order


Dedicated solution that we install on the Client's server or on our recommended hosting.

$ 2,000 + $ 20/months

Purchase a system with us installed on your hosting = $ 2000 one-time payment and then optionally purchase support for all updates $ 20 per month
To order



The individual decision is focused on the needs and requirements of the Client. Full integration into business processes.

$ Individually

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Our reviews
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I had a good experience developing an online store for us as clothing manufacturers. The team recommended to start the basic version of the online store at the beginning, and then, after the project starts to earn, to implement all sorts of chips that I wanted. I agreed and did not regret it. I am still developing my project. Everything suits. I recommend.

Andrew, Top Hat Factory


To create the site of the publishing house "White Owl", I turned to the Mercurio CMS team, as I had worked with them before and knew that if they do - everything will be ok. This time I had time and budget constraints, and the guys for a month without pain and difficulty made us a good working site that closes all the tasks we need. Also, what is important for me personally, it is easy and interesting to work with people in this company.

Christina, publishing house "White Owl"


I have been working with this company for a long time. He has done many different projects in the field of e-commerce and online sales. We have worked for a long time, everyone is comfortable, we understand each other without unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. I can advise without a doubt.

Igor, online store Bamboo


Working with the team's specialists is quite satisfactory. Everything is realized very quickly and all my wishes and ideas are understood without long explanations. I have a lot of developments in the project for my specific processes and needs.

Vyacheslav, Konus-Yu printing house